What’s Brewing? Gothtober Harvest!

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“Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”
George Eliot

Somewhere in the southern hemisphere it’s Spring, but in the northern hemisphere, even though temperatures climb, we’re excited about even a hint of cool wind which would warrant eating something even remotely pumpkin-spice-oriented.

The daylight and the darkness have had their cup of tea, sitting just so on their tuffets, eyeballing each other’s portion of time allotted. Their exact point of equality won’t be here until September 25th, but still, the light bends, and on September 22nd we call it: It’s Fall!

Gothtober is always very excited about this autumnal arrival, the days officially begin to get shorter, we start madly gathering apples for all those pies we’re gonna make in our “spare time.” The Santa Ana Winds are tousling heads of hair all over the San Gabriel Valley, flinging up twigs and cactus spines and whatever other fun things it can throw in the air like “Wheeeee!” it goes. It’s that time of year where your allergies start to chill out, or they go into code red and you can’t go anywhere without tissues.

Tinkering late into the night, or during the mornings, or who even knows when, are all the Gothtober contributors, planning and checking their projects, preparing pieces of the calendar for you to see. As the watermelon moves over and the pumpkin waltzes in, anticipation builds for crisp apple cider, candy corn in bulk, and 31 days of Countdown Calendar joy.

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Gothtober Contributors Announced!

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And so it begins! Up from the smokestack of Gothtober Headquarters went the blue smoke into the smoggy starry night, letting us know that the Gothtober Contributors have been chosen! For the rest of this month, they shall boil, toil, bubble and trouble, and only when September is finished shall the endeavors of each maker become unveiled, day by haunted day. Here are they are in all their glory, poised to deliver a veritable smorgasbord of strange and wonderful delights!

Will it be creepy? Will it be funny? Naughty? The answer is yes! Will it be photos? Music? Crafts? The answer is YES!

Barry Morse
Christine Panushka
Ordinary Oliver
Bona Bones
Del Norte Present
Christine Marie Nockels
Ian MacKinnon
Oon & Company
Lori Meeker

The Chambers
Jenn Paige Gordon
Ichabod Brain
Jo Harris the 13th
Rosalind Helfand
Michael Gump
Danny Torrance
Trixy Sweetvittles

Billy Kheel
Federico Tobon
Kimberly Kim
Triple T
Richert Gordon Salondaka
Waller Family Singers
Pete Levin
Nora R
The Stig

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Gothtober 2016 Applications CLOSED!

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Gothtober 2016 Applications are now closed.
The Gothtober team will now begin an intensive period of rumination, with the final selection of contributors for this year’s calendar being posted in just a few days.

Many thanks to all creeps, cryptkeepers, golems and ghouls who have applied! – Gothtober MGMT

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Gothtober Application Deadline is MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!

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Okay I’ll tell you something. Sometimes Gothtober doors don’t always get filled by contributors. Life happens, people don’t turn their stuff in, and I’m faced with empty space and I have to fill it before midnight.

I design, maintain, and curate the Gothtober Countdown Calendar, and I am also one of the contributors. Maybe you saw a singing skull puppet, or a recipe for peanut brittle? Maybe there were some weird shapes moving around in the dark, or a creature dancing near the LA river? Perhaps you saw some pumpkins and some powerlines? I did those.

Whatever you make doesn’t have to be full of pre-planning and tons of perfectionist geegaws. You can make something simple, you can play the banjo for 30 seconds, take footage of the spider in your bathtub, sing a song to a bag of candy. These are acceptable forms of Gothtober goods.

If you’re sitting there thinking “I don’t know what I’m gonna make” or “I wanna do it but I’m scared” that is EXACTLY what we could use from you.

Make a thing! Fill out the application and scare the crap out of yourself!

xo Chief Candy Corn

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3 Days Left to Apply for Gothtober!

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Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 7.00.51 PMTHREE DAYS!!!

Read the Gothtober FAQ


Apply for Gothtober NOW!


You don’t need to be an artist with a paintbrush to be a Gothtober contributor, as the calendar is comprised of recipes, slideshows, photography, live action, music, drawings, videos, recorded nonsense, crafts, and more!

Often it is said that art is for dealers and galleries when really, art is for you and I.

Art is for everyone, and everyone can make art. All ages can contribute.

Gothtober itself is creative love: a human endeavor that pokes an everyday person to experience risk, change, generosity, connection, and creativity. If you think you don’t have time to do something for Gothtober, you are probably right, which also means you should do it more than ever. You make something that goes out into the world, and it changes the world in teeny tiny ways, and maybe even in larger ways you could never foresee and cannot control.

This is the critical statement that Gothtober makes to the world: a platform for contributors to have the creative freedom to bring forth an attempt at connection with our fellow humans. You might not like what all of our contributors have to say, but that is part of its impact, and we stand by it 100%

We ask you to commit. We ask you to make a leap of faith for yourself and your creative process. We ask you to quit making excuses and make a thing. Ignore the naysayers, the doubters, the doubts, and overcome the resistance!

What can Gothtober provide for you? We can provide a little piece of real estate with some pretty lax rules, and we can give you a hard deadline. We host everything ourselves on our private server, protecting you from censorship and the shackles of paid sponsorship.

Gothtober calls to you, it’s a collective project that is strange, sharable, and free. It doesn’t have focus groups, it doesn’t make money, it’s pure nonsense, and it is what’s desperately needed in the here and now!




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Gothtober Applications are OPEN!!!

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The sleuce gates are OPEN! Let the glorious pumpkin orange sewage BEGIN!!!

Gothtober is an online countdown calendar to Halloween, it’s got 31 doors, behind each door is a contributor. We hope one of those contributors will be YOU! The calendar is filled with creepy crawly goodies, from short films, to print-outs, to slideshow presentations, music, crafts, recipes and more!

This year’s theme: Metamorphosis

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to read up on the theme and get your questions answered about all things Gothtober.

Read the Gothtober FAQ


Apply for Gothtober NOW!


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Throw the White Pumpkin at The Earth! • Day 31

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Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 7.48.31 PM


Our final treat in the Gothtober Line-Up this year is from the Family Waller in Los Angeles, California. There are three Waller kids, and each one in this film has a dream after having too much candy. Footage from these miraculous dreams involves sweets, dolls, space travel, dirt, and a white pumpkin. The Waller family came together to make this film to let you know that if YOU eat too much candy, you might also experience vivid, sugar-laden visions, so be careful how many Junior Mints you eat before going to sleep! It’s kind of a cosmic cowboy PSA for the times we live in, feel free to sing along at the end!

We’d like to thank all of you out there who followed us until the very last day of October, and we’d like to pat on the back every skeleton, ghost, monster, and all of the other crawly screamy freaky things who made this year a great success. Thank you for being part of our 13th endeavor, dirt and worms for you all!

Head Candy Corn, JP



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A Downtown Departure • Day 30

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Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 6.52.38 PM

Aunt Connie has been in Gothtober films before, we’re happy to have her again! Barry Morse put it all together, we follow Aunt Connie all over town, but someone is spying on her! Someone’s got a camera, what are they doing?

Aunt Connie has plans of her own, a type of departure some of us know about, and some of us have yet to know. Normalizing the difficult and the morbid is tough in a society that doesn’t really want to dwell on such subjects. Aunt Connie approaches such subjects approaches such things in a way that is hers, a way that is different. We need more of this.

She doesn’t really seem to give a hoot, whatever we think, galavanting along MacArthur Park, balloons in hand, feather duster at the ready, there goes everyone’s favorite Aunt! Aunt Connie! More power to her!

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Don’t Mess With the CAT! Day 29

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From two young film maker brothers arrives a cautionary tale about how NOT to treat your feline friend!

When Max and Jay decide to mess with the cat, Children of the Corn, they learn the hard way that cats do NOT take kindly to human shenanigans! KP Pepe produced and directed this collaborative film, it’s got some sweet stop motion and some expert animal wrangling! I asked KP the inspiration for the work, and here’s the scoop:

We pretty much let Jay come up with the story with some assistance from Max and me and Candi. The boys/Candi made the bulk of the sets and we took turns animating it. They had a big role in the story and dialogue.


This is a fine family project, big props to everyone who worked so hard on it, especially Mama Candi, who was production designer! And very big thanks to Children of the Corn, who is a BIG Gothtober Star, we hope you get all of the fish you like!

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Horrific and Fantastic, Mellowcreme Style! • Day 28

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Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 7.22.12 PM

Mellocreme Fairchild III invites you to gaze upon 13 paintings from the human race that explore the horrors, the darkness, the eerie and the depraved. Please look, take a gander, dance with your fears in a safe way upon this little gem of monstrosities and unsettling moments. Some of these images are freakishly weird and threatening, others are more subtle, but explore deeply important themes of our times: past, present and future.

For to see these things is to see a truth that is sitting just below the surface, the patina of contentedness can only last so long, and the sheer terror of breathing in and breathing out bathes you in a cool, terrified sweat. In a world constantly trying to lie about the terrors of living and making everything appear to be “just fine” here instead is a refreshing collection of reminders that maybe every cloud has a bloody lining, not a silver one.

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