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Oya (pronounced oh-yah), the storm goddess, was one of the most powerful goddesses of Africa. She was the female warrior goddess in Yoruban myth. She was the goddess of fire, wind, and thunder. She is associated with earthquakes, hurricanes, and any kind of destruction. She was the goddess of tornadoes which were said to be caused by her whirling skirts as she dances. She’s also the goddess of lightening, a power she is said to have acquired from her husband, Shango. She was also the guardian between the realm of life and death, especially the guardian of the gates of death and the gates of cemeteries.

In Yoruban, Oya means “she tore”. She’s known as the “mother of nine” due to the Niger River (which in Yoruba is known as the Oya)traditionally being known for having nine tributaries. She’s also known as “The Great Mother of the Elders of the Night (witches)’.

Oya is both loved and feared. She was a savage warrior when necessary, and yet she was also the protective mother.She understands everything, and she will only accept and speak the truth no matter how hard it is to bear. She’s also wildly unpredictable ad she will toss you into her storms of change, she will also shelter you in her embrace. Oya is the bringer of change and the seeker of truth.
Her colors are maroon, purple, and deep red to name a few. Her scents are earthy patchouli and sandlewood. She likes red gemstones, particularly garnet. Some of her icons include masks, swords, wind instruments, and anything copper.
Oya has been syncretized (to attempt to unite and harmonize especially without critical examination and logical unity) in Santeria with the Catholic images of Our Lady of Candelaria and St. Theresa. In Brazilian Umbanda, she is represented by Saint Barbara. Oya’s feast day is February 2.
Oya can be invoked for change, strength, leadership, authority, courage, justice, weather spells, ancestor-worship, grief, truth, power, magick, protection.
Honoring Oya:
Colors: maroon, purple, deep dark red, oranges, browns, multi-colours, burgundy, copper.
Scents: patchouli, sandalwood, geranium.Gemstones: red stones, particularly garnet, but also bloodstone, tourmaline, smoky quartz.
Foods: eggplant, grape wine, grapes, gin, rum, kola nuts, rooster, hen, porridge, fruit, fish, anything spicy.
Herbs: comfrey, pleurisy roots, horehound, chickweed, peony, elecampane, royal poinciana, star apple, flamboyan, yucca, caimito, cypress, grains of paradise.
Icons: masks, swords, whips, pennies, brooms, camwood, wind instruments, anything associated with wind (e.g. pictures of hurricanes, tornadoes, etc), bright-coloured cloth, buffalo’s horns, anything copper.
Metal: Copper.
Number: 9.

Offerings: eggplants, coins, red wine, and cloth.

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