The Nocturnals

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Nocturnally yours…

If you’re like me, you frequently ask yourself that age-old question – the one that that has lingered on everyone’s mind for generations – “What if Quentin Tarantino had worked for Universal Studios in the golden age of horror films?”.

The very concept is mind-boggling, to say the least.

Well, wonder no longer, because the answer lies in the colorful pages of Dan Brereton’s comic book tour de force “Nocturnals”. Part film noir, part mafia drama, part monster mash-up, and ALL fun-as-hell, “Nocturnals” is an amalgam of everything cool and hip and scary and suspenseful and wicked and funny, as told through Brereton’s gorgeous painted artwork and sharp, Rat-Pack-with-fangs dialogue

“Nocturnals” is one of those clever concepts that makes you scratch your head and say “why didn’t I come up with that?”. In this enjoyable series of dark adventures, we come face to face with one of the finest line-ups of personalities ever laid down in print. Doc Horror and his charming young daughter Evening (also known as Halloween Girl) lead a misfit band of beasts and beauties in defending California – and the world at large – against supernatural threats. Teeth bared and guns blazing, the Nocs charge face-first where angels AND demons fear to tread. Whether it’s the west coast mob or earth-conquering creatures from another dimension, Doc, Evening, Polychrome, Firelion, Starfish, the Raccoon, the Gunwitch (the scariest silly-hat-wearing sonuvabitch you’ll ever meet) and Evening’s band of mystical toys-come-to-life unleash a monstrous dose of whoop-ass on any and all danger. It is this stellar roster of characters that sets “Nocturnals” apart from typical graphic novel fare. Each and every personality in this world is infused with qualities that make you want to learn more about them. There is a genuine feeling of family among these unlikely heroes, not only between the characters themselves, but between us (the readers) and this fierce band of brothers and sisters in arms.

Originally released in 1995 in comic book form, and followed up with sporadic sequels, the entire run of “Nocturnals” tales is now available in a series of stylish hardcover collections. Ripe with cleverly-written stories and blockbuster movie-quality action sequences, “Nocturnals” is solid enjoyment from cover to cover. So light a candle, turn on some classic Blue Oyster Cult, pour a tall glass of your favorite elixir, and spend some time with the most lovable set of rogues you’ll meet this side of the grave…

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