Poe-etic license…

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Poe-etic license…

Few names in literature evoke a mood quite like that of Edgar Allen Poe. While credited with creating detective fiction, Poe is much better known as the premier American author of the macabre. Lending to the air of mystery and imagination so richly threaded throughout his fictional tales are the actual events that make up one of the most intriguing biographical tales in literary history.

There is no small amount of reference material available when it comes to Poe. The details of his tortured life are fascinating reading material, and provide just as much entertainment as his written works, making him a popular catalyst for a number of unique projects throughout the years. Below is a small sampling of some of the more enjoyable Poe-inspired products to surface over recent years.

“Tales of Mystery and Imagination” The Alan Parsons Project
A concept album written by Eric Woolfson, this was to be the first studio album recorded by the Alan Parsons Project. Comprised of session musicians and all the members of 70s rock bands Pilot and Ambrosia, “Tales…” offers a roster of rock songs based on the writings of Poe and reached the Top 40 on Billboard’s Top 200 the year of its release.

“In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe” DC Comics/Vertigo
This 2002 release, written by Jonathan Scott Fuqua with photographic art by Stephen John Phillips and Steve Parke, is an inventive protrayal of the tormented author’s life. With chilling photographs that invoke the fear that Poe wrestled with, Park & Phillips break the traditional boundaries of framed panels and create a graphic novel that explodes with original, unforgettable visuals.

“Closed on Account of Rabies” Various Artists
A 2 CD set of poems and tales of Edgar Allen Poe as read by various artists and performers, such as Christopher Walken, Iggy Pop, Dr. John, Deborah Harry, Diamanda Galas and Marianne Faithfull, this collection is a nice alternative to the typical book-on-tape. Featuring striking album artwork by Ralph Steadman, this one is worth tracking down.

“Poe” Boom! Studios
A recently released alternate-history comic book series that places Poe in the role of detective on the trail of the killer of his policeman brother’s friend.

“Poe” Sirius Comics
Another comic book series, written and illustrated by Jason Asala. The popular 24-issie story also spawned a stylized resin model kit of the title character.

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