Monday, bloody mondays…

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The wait is almost over, kids. This Sunday evening, HBO’s monster (pun intended) hit “True Blood” returns for a highly anticipated fourth season. The series, based on Charlaine Harris’ “Dead Untl Dark” novels, tells the story of barmaid Sookie Stackhouse and her relationships with human, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, fairies and more. A far cry from the “team Edward/team Jacob” melodrama of that other supernatural phenomenon, “True Blood” goes for the throat. Literally and figuratively.

Chock full of sexy actors, over the top action, charmingly dark humor and cliffhangers galore, “True Blood” is not your father’s horror tale. Unless your father has come to expect the unexpected in HBO’s constant delivery of unique and diverse original series that take chances and leave you hungry for more.

At the end of season three, things have heated up to their usual finale climax. Bill, in an effort to rid the world of continued threats to his beloved Sookie, betrays Eric and encases him in cement, to suffer through immortality unable to move or feed. Yet Eric manages to return, only to reveal to Sookie that Bill has played her all along – that he was sent to retrieve Sookie for the Queen. The plucky barmaid banishes Bill from her home, and this leads to a violent confrontation between Bill and the Queen, where we are left hanging. Literally (well, actually THEY are left hanging, in midair, prepared to fight to the death).

This season, the Netherworld Network is your one-stop spot to catch up on weekly episodes. Be sure to check in each Monday for a weekly recap of the previous night’s show, and a teaser of the upcoming week. Learn more about “True Blood” and find plenty of extras at the official website Past episodes of “True Blood” are available at HBO On Demand.

Catch a sneak peek at season four now at

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