True Blood Season Open Recap -SPOILERS!

by on Jun.27, 2011, under Gothic Holiday Exclusive Blogs, Media, True Blood

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True Blood Season Open Recap -SPOILERS!

Monday, bloody Monday…

“True Blood” returned with a bite last night, as HBO’s smash hit opened its fourth highly-anticipated season. Picking up a far jump from where it left off at the end of season three, “True Blood” delivered more of the offbeat humor and surprise twists it has become known for.

We begin by finding Sookie in the fairie land, where everyone is (usually) beautiful and has their very own fairie godmother (regardless of sex, apparently). It is here that Sookie runs into her beloved grandfather (the always fun-to-watch Gary Cole), who – although disappearing twenty years earlier – hasn’t aged a bit and has no concept of the time that has elapsed. It is soon revealed that this particular brand of fairie is a far cry from Tinkerbell’s clan, hideous and hellbent on harvesting humans. Sookie and her grandfather make a run for it, and with the help of some good(?) fairies, return to the mortal world. Unfortunately, time quickly catches up with gramps and he is reduced to ash before her eyes after passing his pocket watch on to Jason (good thing – it proves to be the only thing able to convince Jason where she’s been).

Soon we learn that although feeling like she was gone for about fifteen minutes, Sookie has been missing from reality for a little over a year. Much has changed in her absence, not the least of which is that Bill has been accused of killing her! The tortured love of Sookie’s life shows up to accept the blame for her disappearance (in exchange for a full clearing of his name in her alleged murder). He is followed close behind by Eric, who claims to be the only one in town who never gave up on her, in addition to looking a bit like Bill’s lapdog now. Guess that must be due to the fact that Bill is now the King of Louisiana’s vamps, leading us to deduce that his cliffhanger battle with the Queen ended in his favor…

Tara has fled to New Orleans, where she is getting by as a cage fighter (about time they put that ripped body into action!) and has found a new (hot hot hot!) partner, while Lafayette reluctantly finds himself involved with a group of witches, who sense great magic in him. One of the group manages to channel the late Eddie, who delivers a rose to him, much to his dismay. Through Lafayette they manage to (briefly) resurrect a bird, leaving us to wonder just how powerful he may be. Still by far my favorite character on the show, Lafayette breaks the news to Sookie that Tara has moved away, promising (half-heartedly) to tell Tara she’s back the next time he talks to her. His text to Tara to announce Sookie’s return elicits no response from her…

Andy is now hooked on V (as if he needed more reason to be wound too tight); Hoyt and Jessica (did I mention how HOT this girl is?!!!) are trying to make the most of domestic (un)life, but Pam notices a bit of building unrest in the lovely redheaded vamp; baby Mikey (half serial killer by birth) is beheading Barbies; the PR train is in full steam as the vampire nation tries to regain the trust of humanity; Sam, a bit bitter after recent events, is a memeber of some bizare shape shifter social club, where he can cut loose animal-style with his people; we learn that Eric is the proud new owner of Sookie’s house, more or less owning her as well; and Jason is now locked in a freezer by the same people he has been assisting…business as usual, I suppose.

Serving as a fine springboard for what looks to be like another amazing run of “True Blood” (looks like Eric’s fate may be in Bill’s hands now, as a sneek peek of upcoming episodes shows him in a rather grim position), last night’s episode was a nice welcome back and a great reminder why this show is a must-see each week. Although tempted to take advantage of HBO GO’s advance debut of next week’s episode, I’ve opted to wait until Sunday night to saok it in. There aren’t enough rituals left in life – I’m keeping this one alive. Or dead. Or undead? Hmmm…

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