True Blood Episiode 2 – SPOILERS!

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Monday, bloody Monday
On Tuesday…

The July 4th holiday put me a day behind, but if you’re a true True Blood fan, you probably didn’t wait until this past Sunday evening to watch, like I did, but instead grabbed an early viewing on HBO GO. Patience, my friends, is still considered a virtue…

This week’s episode opened to find poor Jason tied to a bed, after being trapped in a freezer last week. Seems that Crystal wants to have a panther baby with him, but that requires Jason actually becoming a panther first. Which, apparently, requires a fair amount of panthers feeding on him first. Ouch!

Sookie is desperate to rid herself of Eric, who offers her protection from other vampires who may wish to feed on her fairie blood. She turns to Bill (who is preoccupied with Katarina, a witch working on the inside with the coven on Bill’s behalf), and asks that he force Eric to give her back the house and release her. She even pleads with Pam, who assures Sookie that she could do far worse than surrendering to Eric. She did, aftter all, get a new screen door and a microwave out of it.

Pam, in the meantime, has her hands full with protestors outside Fangtasia. Hoyt, in response to some unkind name-calling directed at the delicious Jessica (c’mon – she IS delicious), finds himself on the receiving end of a nasty beating from the fists of the angry mob. Later, when Jessica attempts to speed up his recovery with a taste of her (delicious, I would imagine) blood, Hoyt recoils, insulting her and sending her back to Fangtasia to seduce a local fangbanger. She is caught in the act by Sookie, who offers her friendship in assistance for overcoming the bloodlust, only to be told to mind her own business and leave Jessica alone. Seems Jessica still harbours some ill feelings toward Sookie for her apparent abandonment of Bill, while she was actually trapped in the fairie realm.

Speaking of the mysterious Bill Compton, we are treated to a couple of surprise reveals this week, regarding his past. Tromping around the 1980s in his best British-punk-rock-vampire-Spike impersonation (yeah, I invoked the holy Buffy reference – sue me), Bill is approached by Nan Flanagan (the always entertaining Jessica Tuck, who I believe may actually be part vampire in real life – I’ve been enjoying her since before many True Blood fans were even born) on behalf of the building Vampire League. She is in need of spies and enlists Bill, who surprises her with his refusal to kill his victims after feeding. Not, of course, before revealing that none other than Louis Pasteur is perfecting a new synthetic blood substitute… We also learn that it was with Nan’s help that Bill ordered the murder of Sophie Ann at the hands of humans, placing him in a prime spot to be crowned king of the Louisiana vamps. I’m kinda digging badass Bill!

Arlene is still having considerable difficulty trusting her baby, and suffers an unusual reaction to him while speaking with Sookie. Those serial killers are just so darn cute when they’re little!

Sam attempts to get closer to the lovely Luna, who is initially scared off by his flirting only to reappear at the bar with plans to seduce him. She decides to allow Sam closer and kisses him, and later confides in him and the other shifters about her life and why she is so guarded. Sam discovers Tommy spying on them, in perfect health, and gives chase to his troublesome brother. Tommy confesses that he wants to be more of a real brother to Sam, and they agree to start working toward that goal. Hmmm.

Tara reunites with Sookie and Lafayette, and joins Lafayette upon his return to visit the coven. It is here that Marnie reveals her desire to raise a human body from the dead. Bill, realizing that the witches’ control over the dead could make vampires easy prey, dispatches Eric to deal with the Wiccan clan. Eric arrives during the coven’s meeting, and menacingly warns them away from their magical practice, attacking Tara in the process. The group forms a circle, and Marnie manages to strike fear in Eric, who turns and flees. Later, we find him wandering aimlessly along the road as Sookie pulls up in her car, only to discover that he has no memory of her. He does, however, pick up an appetizing scent from the hapless barmaid – fairie blood!

HBO still succeeeds in packing a whole lot of story into an hour, while leaving us thirsting for more True Blood. A sneek peek at next week’s episode show’s Jason – who was almost rescued by the V-addicted Andy this week while searching for a fix – on the receiving end of some pretty horrific cat-nibbling. Check back next MONDAY for another recap!

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