True Blood Episode 3 rundown – Spoilers!

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Monday, bloody Monday

Sorry this one’s running late, folks. I finally managed to free myself from the freezer and slip away…

Poor Jason Stackhouse! Something’s eating at him. Literally! Suffering from the discomfort of his slow transformation to pantherhood, Jason is still strapped to the bed in preparation of his role in repopulating the panther people race. Crystal expresses her love and longing to be with him forever as she tends to his post-panther feeding frenzy.

Eric, still devoid of any memory of his past after his confrontation with the witches, attacks Sookie when the lure of fairie blood becomes too strong. Sookie is able to calm him down, and reluctantly offers to help him provided he doesn’t bite her. Arriving at her house, she invites him in, concealing the fact that he actually owns the home. Pam races to Sookie’s house and is shocked to see the timid Eric. She urges Sookie to hide Eric from Bill, as she believes Bill sent him to the coven’s meeting in hopes of getting him killed. The always resourceful Ms. Stackhouse demands compensation in exchange for babysitting. She’ll need the extra money to keep buying those Charlaine Harris hardcovers we spied her reading this week…

Lafayette, meanwhile, tries unsuccessfully to convince the wiccans to forget all about Eric’s attack, explaining that he is an ancient and powerful vamp who could cause them tremendous harm. When this fails, he resolves to go to Eric himself and ask forgiveness, much to the dismay or Jesus and Tara, who asks Sookie to implore Bill to protect her cousin from Eric’s wrath. Jesus and Tara agree to keep an eye on Lafayette and prevent him placing himself in danger of further torture at Eric’s hands. However, as Tara and Sam reunite over shots, Lafayette sneaks away. Later, he is attacked by Pam, who threatens revenge on anyone who would make a move against her maker. Tara and Jesus come to his rescue, and are given 48 hours by Pam to deliver the witch responsible for Eric’s predicament under penalty of death from feeding (and something else I can’t mention – this is a family blog!).

Jessica is distressed to find Hoyt holding her doll when she returns from feeding on a human at Fangtasia. Seems the pesky little thing has a habit of popping back up, no matter what she does to get rid of it. Taking Bill’s advice, she confesses her transgression to Hoyt, who is angered and attempts to leave. Jessica glams him into forgetting, as she cannot bear the thought of hurting him. Should the role of Hoyt ever become available for recast, I call dibs on being first in line for the part of the lovely Jessica’s love interest…. she later passes her doll onto Arlene’s future-serial killer baby, who we now know has a penchant for dismembering toys.

Bill delivers justice on an unfortunate vampire who is captured feeding on film by members of, an anti-vampire group. This violates vampire law, and Bill orders his death. The newly-appointed vampire king of Louisiana is propositioned and enters into a relationship with a human woman who is – gasp! – not Sookie.

We find Andy reaching out to the missing Jason as his withdrawal from V, leading him to a violent confrontation with Sam.

Sookie visits LC in Shreveport, and is shocked to find Debbie living with him, now clean and sober. She asks him to help her hide Eric. He offers to stash him in one of the empty homes in the subdivision he has built.

Tommy poses as Maxine’s son when a gentleman comes calling to offer a sales contract for rights to natural gas on the property. He confides in Sam, inviting him to help Tommy buy the house out from under her and cash in on the gas. Sam implores Tommy to tell her the truth and let her enjoy the benefits of the sale, enraging Tommy who lashes out at his brother yet again. Isn’t it about time that Sam just kicks this kid’s ass one last time?

Jason awakes to find Crystal leading a long line of eager future-panther-mothers awaiting their turn to continue their bloodline. Poor guy…

Finally, Eric feeds on Sookie’s fairie godmother, killing her in the process (fortunately, gorgeous fairie women kind of explode when they die, since they revert to their grotesque form upon dying and no one wants to leave an ugly corpse). If next week’s sneak peek is any indication, the lure of fairie blood may become too strong for Eric to resist as we witness him biting Sookie!

After three strong episodes, HBO’s monster hit gives no hint of slowing down this season. Brainless Eric, king Bill, slowly devoured Jason, a much hotter Tara (and her equally hot girlfriend), the exceptionally hottest Jessica, on-the-edge Andy, powerhouse bitch Pam and freaky fairies all add up to more surprises, shocks, and laugh-out-loud humor than ever. Almost makes me forget that whole season two vibrating bull woman thing.


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