Exposure Therapy

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A few weeks back I found this beautiful blue sweater in a shop. It fit me perfectly. It looked fantastic. It brought out the color of my eyes and complemented my current hair color. It was soft and warm and comfortable. I carried it around the store for an hour, but in the end I failed to buy it. It was blue, and I was afraid. I even went back for it a week later, but it was gone. Our romance was over before it began.

The loss of my beloved blue sweater made me realize that, as much as I love black, I also fear other colors. Like, fear them. So, welcome to my New Years Resolution: no buying black this year. None.  I figure, if  Zooetica went a full year without buying anything new, and Amber’s No Pants 2011 resolution held up, I should totally be able to do this. Right?

At worst, I’ll save money on clothes. At best, I’ll force myself to confront my fears and incorporate some of the colors I actually love into my wardrobe: deep blue, olive and forest green, plum, taupe, chocolate, cranberry- who knows, perhaps even mauve.


 Do You See What I Sepia? Dress, $134.99   †   European Culture Dress, $89   †   Plum Role Dress: $49.99

Cashmere Dolman, $79.90    †  Amelia Boot, $168    †  Robert Collina Cardigan, $98

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