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Designed by Trish Summerville, H&M has released a Girl With The Dragon Tattoo line, with about thirty pieces that would find a home in Lisbeth Salander’s closet.

Costume designer of the recent American version of the film, Summerville’s collection has been met with some protest and controversy. Accusations by one blogger that the line is glamorizing the fashion choices of a rape victim of her clothes as her armor were met with apologies from H&M spokes people for misinterpretation of the intent of the line.

Personally, I’m a fan of the Millenium series.  I’ve read the three novels, seen the original Swedish films and the more recent version from David Fincher.  At no point throughout any of the books or movies does the impression that Salander’s character is in any way glamorizing her violent sexual abuse through her clothing, hair, or aesthetics.  Not to give away any spoilers, but a large portion of the third book directly addresses her choices in appearance, and how it is a conscious reflection of her conflict and defense mechanisms.

Fortunately, I have never been the victim of abuse, and am in no way trying to disregard anyone’s opinion, especially on a matter this sensitive, but I have to admit that I find the accustations a bit of a reach.  I haven’t yet seen the line in person, but based on the images I’ve found it is very reminiscent of the basic designs of All Saints – the snood, flag shirts, and boots, especially.

Consisting mostly of t-shirts, jegging-esque pants, and beat-up looking boots, it’s another take on the atypical “alt” stereotype.  I like the line, but it’s nothing new nor innovative, nor do I feel deserving of any controversy.

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