A Shameless Plug on Behalf of Lesbian Werewolves

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Lunatic Fringe Book Cover Illustrated by Julianna (JP) Parr

Want to make an investment in lesbian werewolves this Halloween?

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of designing and illustrating the cover for Allison Moon’s lesbian werewolf book “Lunatic Fringe.” This was Allison’s first novel, she didn’t have a big budget (or any budget to speak of, actually) so I helped her out. Now she’s written a sequel, and she’s raising money to pay me and her editor, because we are awesome, and she can’t stand asking us to work for prunes again.

There are 23 more days to go to reach a $4,500 goal, help us out if you can!


Funds from Allison’s Kickstarter will help her pay JP (that’s me!) illustrator/graphic designer ($1000) for a new, gorgeous cover, and Allison’s editor ($1000) for her shrewd eye and thoughtful analysis.

Additional funds will support the creation and shipping of merch, the setup and distribution of the paperback books, and help Allison finish the novel for its Spring release date. Self publishing is INSANE, it is beyond blood sweat and tears, and the amount Allison is asking for is pretty modest, compared to a normal book launch. I know her well and am confident that she’ll use funds wisely and stretch the dough to boost herself and the book with four times the amount of outreach and production that she was able to do on practically nothing! That’s why making her Kickstarter goal would be really really wonderful!

Find out more about Allison Moon at her Tales of the Pack website. This is what a feminist werewolf looks like!

Julianna (JP) Parr
Head Candy Corn of Gothtober.com

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