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After a hiatus of over a decade, I pulled my Tarot deck from my teenage years out of storage and started studying the cards again. Since then, I’ve been noticing beautiful decks in so many different places.

Thoth Tarot

This is the deck that I’ve been using the past few months. It replaced my original Rider Waite cards, and I used Crowley’s The Book of Thoth as a guide to accompany it. The deck was painted by Lady Freida Harris, as designed and instructed by Aleister Crowley, over the course of five years. Crowley renamed several of the trump cards, and also rearranged the astrological and numerical order of some of the cards, in accordance with his previous book, The Book of the Law.

Once I got used to his rearrangement, I was much more comfortable with this deck than I ever had been with the Rider Waite cards. I read The Book of Thoth with a grain of salt, because Crowley can be a bit … well, if you’ve read any Crowley, you can fill in the blank that I’m leaving. I wrote about it a tiny bit on my other blog, Five Twenty Three.

The Vertigo Tarot

This is another deck I own, but have never used for a reading. Designed by one of my favorite artists, Dave McKean, each card is big and bold, and almost frighteningly beautiful. His artwork depicting each symbol makes you feel like you’ve fallen into a different dimension. I’ve read that the characters on the cards are actually characters from Vertigo comics, but can’t say I recognized any of them (I think most of the Vertigo comics I’ve read where Sandman and its off-shoots).

The Wild Unknown

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck was released earlier this year, and has been all over my Instagram feed since. I still haven’t seen one in person, but I feel like I’ve seen most of the cards online at some point or another. Designed by artists Kim Krans and Jonny Ollsin, each card (from what I have seen) is represented by an animal or symbol of nature. There is a lovely video interview with the artist on their blog, which I recommend watching if you were curious at all about the evolution on their brand. I’m looking forward to eventually seeing (and owning) this deck – and its guidebook and calendar.

Krist Mort Tarot Deck

Photographer Krist Mort’s tarot deck completely intrigues me. I have only seen the preview image listed on her shop page, and random images here and there on Tumblr, but solely based off of that, I know that it must be beautiful and mysterious. Her photography is seeped in magic, so I imagine that her tarot cards must be individually infused.

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