So cute, I could just eat them up . . .

by on Jan.10, 2013, under Syndicated from the Web

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Have you ever had that urge to start up a life of cannibalism, but you are too worried about what your friends and loved one would think of you? Well, neither have I. However, for those of you who ARE trying to slowly ease into that lifestyle, may I suggest – WHITE CHOCOLATE BABY HEADS!

That’s right, life sized solid white chocolate baby heads.

The company, Conjurer’s Kitchen, made this product as a private, but anonymous, commission. From the company, about their latest product: “A private commission (that’s all we can say), they are solid white chocolate baby heads, and the same size as the head of your average newborn baby. They also TERRIFY me! As I was tweeting earlier there is something SO disturbing about these heads but I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s as they have no body, or maybe it’s just as they are a baby’s head?!? Either way I am so proud to be heading up a movement which leads to the creation of amazing edible works of art just like these. We’ll be using them in a project very soon I am sure!!!”

Their Etsy store where you could buy the baby heads, if you would so wish, is provided here; according to the site, it is £35.00 ($57.73 for our American readers) per baby head. And if you start to crave more deliciously deviant treats, feel free to browse around the other products of her shop. Guaranteed that there is something to satisfy your twisted, culinary fantasies (not actually guaranteed, I made that up). Keep in mind that the other products may not be safe for work, nor would I recommend them for those of a squeamish countenance.

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