Evil Lily- Original Art, Sorcery and Apparel ~ Interview

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Evil Lily- Interview with the Artist
By Wednesday Black for The Gothic Tea Society

GTS-Where are you from originally?

I was born in a very small town in Oklahoma. However, my step-dad was in the Army so I traveled all over the Southern US and Germany.  I actually consider Texas my home state.
GTS-Childhood and Family?

My childhood was kind of hard at times. I really don’t have a very close connection to my extended family. I spent time living with my parents and my grandparents. Whenever I was “too hard to handle” or “too much trouble” I was sent to live with my maternal grandparents who live in a small town in Oklahoma. I hated living there because I never fit in with the locals. However, I did learn a lot from my grandparents that I have carried with me into adulthood such as how to cook, bake, and garden, and appreciate the little things in life.

My personal Favorite! 
GTS- Have you always had a Dark Aesthetic?

I have always been fascinated with the darker side of life. I don’t really remember how it started, but I might have adopted my love for all things dark due to the sadness and/or anger I felt during my childhood.
GTS-How did you get started?

I am 100% self-trained in all of the creative areas that I work. I cannot read a store bought pattern to save my life. Hahaha…sad, but true.  I actually started sewing when I was very young. My Mom bought me a toy sewing machine that actually worked, and I started making purses for me and my friends. I think I was about 9 years old. When I was a teen, I started using my Mom’s Singer sewing machine to make my own clothing. I was very much into the punk rock scene at that time, and I couldn’t find (or my mother wouldn’t buy it because my father wouldn’t allow me to wear it) clothing that I liked. Once I graduated, I stopped sewing for a while. Life happened. However, every few years I was pulled back to the machine. I really had no intention of ever selling any of my wares, but my friends and family encouraged me to try it out. As for my art, I’ve been drawing and creating since I was very young. Throughout my early teen years, I was heavy into illustration, but moved away from that area when I started school for graphic design.  Over time, I realized I preferred mixed media and collage art. I like to get dirty when I work!
I adore her religious art and expression!

Lily has lately been creating these marvelous Wood burning art pieces.

Lily also makes clothing and does custom work!

GTS- How do you work? Special Music? Mood?

Hmmmm…this is a tough question for me. It really depends on what mood I’m in. Usually I crank what I call motivational music to get my mind going. Other times, I prefer absolute silence. I cannot write if there is a lot of noise in the background. So, when I write poetry, I need silence so my mind doesn’t wander.
GTS- Name something you love, and why?

Nature. I find absolute peace when I’m alone in the woods. I love to look up at the sky and just feel the flow of the wind and the energy flowing around me. It makes me feel safe.

Evil Lily and Macabre Noir. My favorite bad girls!

Blood Spatter Skirt

LOVE this!
GTS- Name something you don’t love, and why.

This list could get long! Hahaha…anything too trendy especially people who buy into the myth. The main stream media with their propaganda. McDonald’s. I loathe that place! Negativity. (Which seems funny since I just said I loathe something.) More specifically, negative people. Slow drivers because it isn’t always time for a Sunday drive. Should I continue?
GTS- What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

I would have to say that the best advice I’ve been given is to understand that I cannot fix everything, and that I cannot control the actions of others. I had to learn to let go of other people’s baggage, and not to take their crap personal.

GTS- Where would you go in a time machine?

I would love to have a time machine just so I could go back in time to see the fashion from the Victorian era! However, if I had to choose a time and/or place, I would go to a speakeasy to hang with the flappers.

Time to order some skirts!
GTS- You have a lot of Tattoos. When did you get your first Tattoo?

In 1990, I was 20 years old. It’s a skull and cross-bones on my upper left shoulder. It looks like shit now, but it was my first so I won’t get it covered up.
GTS- What do you struggle with?

My inner demons. I’m bipolar, and some days the past is hard to deal with. I used to go through periods of complete self-loathing for no real reason. I’m learning to deal with those demons, and I’m slaying them one by one.
GTS- Do you like to swim?

No. It’s weird because I love to go to the ocean. I have a phobia about drowning though, so I never go too far out.
GTS- Where did the name Evil Lily come from?

Evil Lily is a play on words. My favorite flower is the calla lily. The evil refers to darker things being presumed to be bad, while the lighter colors (white) are presumed to represent purity and goodness. I prefer the darker side of things such as the dark purple/black calla lily. Therefore, Evil Lily.

The diversity of this artist is amazing! Multiple mediums and all of it fantastically spooky! 

GTS- What inspires your style of clothing and art pieces?

Years ago, I could say that my clothing was inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian eras. My inspiration has grown to include flappers, carnival, burlesque, etc. I’m also drawing my on my Pagan roots, as well, in my clothing and my art. Much of my art is inspired by religion, and revolves around the (Christian) Devil and his shenanigans. I like to have a sense of humor when it comes to my art. The more serious art is inspired by my spirituality.
GTS- What would people be surprised to learn about you?

All of my life, people have told me that I look like I’m a snob or stuck up. Once they got to know me, they were surprised at how nice I am. I come across as some psycho bitch, I guess. Hahaha…I’m actually very very shy. It’s hard for me to get out and attend anything social without preparing myself first. In the past, I needed alcohol just to chat with someone new. Nowadays, I’m doing better. I don’t need the alcohol, but my anxiety levels go sky high, and I really have to focus or I get upset. I don’t talk on the phone very often just because of the anxiety.
GTS- What are you doing when you’re not creating? What (other) hobbies do you have?

Reading! I love to read. I, also, spend too much time online. That’s something I’m working on changing though. I enjoy walking and riding my bicycle.

Evil Lily original as modeled by Ugly Shyla

There are also Evil holiday ornaments available

GTS- There is Evil Lily’s Originals and now ‘The Softer side of Evil’ Why? What are the differences?

I started the Softer Side of Evil so I could make skirts and jewelry that don’t really fit into the “dark” category.  I plan on using natural fibers and lighter colors in the new shop. However, I’m not really getting a lot of traffic in the new shop, so I’m considering combining the new shop with the Evil Lily Originals shop.  I may just create a section within the Evil Lily Originals shop to showcase The Softer Side of Evil’s items.

What are you waiting for? Visit Evil Lily’s shop HERE

Evil Lily

Attention to detail

Handbags too!

Plotting her next project!

You can find Evil Lily of Facebook HERE

All photos are the property of Evil Lily and were used with permission

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