Gothtober Socks it to You! DAY 1

by on Oct.03, 2013, under Syndicated from the Web

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goth_1_sox_002Gothtober 2013 is LIVE!

Lady Winnifred Robarts heralds in the new Gothtober 2013 Season with a wonderful assemblage of Halloween socks! To celebrate her launch, she is wearing orange Halloween pumpkin and cat socks with black pants and a lime green shirt (see photo.)

Here is a secret factoid about the very first pair of socks in the Gothtober DAY 1 Video: 

At the end of last season (2012) I cleaned out my sock drawer and finally let go of them – both pairs had holes in the heels and I decided it was time.  I was such a busy headcase that I didn’t remember my plan to feature them in a Gothtober 2013 submission.  So this Fall when I went to get them all out of the sock storage, I couldn’t find the most important pair of the collection!  Aaaahhh!  So I scoured the web trying to find some – Talbots, Ebay, every purveyor of online socks imaginable, and even a local sock store called “The Sock Drawer”.  Alas I could not find an exact duplicate of the original socks, so I settled on a close facsimile.  The originals were described as “pumpkins on vines on tan trouser socks” but they also had little red berries too.  The stand-ins are described as “pumpkins and gourds on heather trouser socks”, so not *too* different.  In the course of my search, I found so many other great pairs of socks that I kind of went wild and bought at least 7 pairs.  These are featured in the photos but don’t necessarily have their own unique slides.

So you see, dear reader, Gothtober artists go to EVERY POSSIBLE LENGTH to do realize their creative vision. Currently, Ms. Robarts is working on her front yard Halloween display, and if anyone reading the blog wishes to share photos of their yard and it’s Halloween decoration, send ‘em in, we’ll be showing photos of some of the crazy yards you can find in Los Angeles!

One more thing about Gothtober DAY 1: You might also find it interesting that Ms. Robarts seems to have lost one of the Halloween cat socks.  So the photo on that slide is of just one sock.



The sock models for Winnifred Robart’s “Halloween Socks” piece, featuring many many fabulous fall feet!



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