Colossal Memento Mori: Mass by Ron Mueck

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Ron Mueck - Mass 12

We’re currently wishing we could magic ourselves over to the National Gallery of Victoria where, as part of the NGV Triennial group exhibition, they’re featuring a jaw-dropping installation by Australian hyperrealist sculptor Ron Mueck, his largest work to date. Entitled Mass, the installation is comprised of 100 individual meter-high fiberglass and resin human skull forms that are piled and scattered across the gallery floor.

Ron Mueck - Mass 2

Ron Mueck - Mass 4

A somber study of mortality, and an extension of Mueck’s hyperrealistic sculptural practice, ‘Mass’ draws from the biological structure of the skull, regarded by him as extraordinary facets of humanity. The installation brings to mind the massed remains in the catacombs of paris, an imposing wall of human heads that resonates with a simultaneous and strange sense of impermanence and eternality.

Ron Mueck - Mass 3

Ron Mueck - Mass 5

If you happen to be in the neighborhood of Melbourne, Australia, the NGV Triennial is a free exhibition that runs through April 18, 2018.

Ron Mueck - Mass 6

Ron Mueck - Mass 7

Ron Mueck - Mass 8

Ron Mueck - Mass 9

Ron Mueck - Mass 10

Ron Mueck - Mass 11

Photos by Tom Ross and Sean Fennessey respectively.

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