How To Wear A Jumpsuit

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I am late to the love of the jumpsuit. Much like how it took me well over a decade to come around to skinny jeans (and I’m still not entirely convinced), I needed some time to fully embrace the concept of a one piece, head-to-toe, all-in-one garment. Aside from the panic and pre-emptive mortification my tiny bladder experiences at the thought of wrestling with a zipper and having to strip down in an emergency porta-potty situation, I felt certain that the jumpsuit was not a flattering look for me. And then I reminded myself that as of 2016 most of my wardrobe has become caftans and muumuus and flowy, balloony clothing, so why am I even worried about what’s “flattering” anymore? Does it make me feel good? Will I wear it often? Is it black? As long as I have fulfilled these criteria, the item deserves a spot in my closet.

If you are not yet entirely convinced of the slouchy-chic appeal of these one-piece wonders, below I have pieced together a few jumpsuit ensembles for you, and the (mostly) totally realistic scenarios for which they may be appropriate. As always, though I try my best to include only items that are currently available, but sometimes fancy things sell out quickly, and then, well, you just have to get creative and find similar things elsewhere! These are really just suggestions, after all, to get you started in your newfound jumpsuit mania.

How To Wear A Jumpsuit As A Low-Key Character In A Giallo Film So That You Look Really Cool But You Don’t Stand Out So Much That You Get Murdered To Death.

Roucha corset jumpsuit // ANN DEMEULEMEESTER platform heel sandals // Simone Pérèle lingerie // shadowplay nyc scarf // Alicia Hannah Naomi ring // Sara Barner Forest Saddle Bag //  kller collection trapeze necklace // Valley Eyewear Anvil sunnies // Floraiku My Love Has The Color Of The Night perfume // KvD metal crush eye shadow


How To Wear A Velvet Jumpsuit To The Funeral Of That Girl Who Used To Make Your Life Hell In High School And Yeah That Was Twenty Years Ago And Yeah She’s Dead Now But You Still Need To Show Her Up

Valentino Silk georgette & velvet jumpsuit  // Maison Michel polka dot veil hat // Saint Laurent tassel shoulder bag // Wacoal lingerie // Dolce & Gabbana platform sandals // Bloodmilk moonstone easeful death ring // Chase & Scout spiderweb cuff // Serge Lutens Dent de Lait Eau de Parfum // Lipstick Queen Girls Will Be Boys

How To Wear A Jumpsuit For When Your Best Friend Comes To Visit And You Make Special Brownies But You Get Too Fucked Up To Function So Now You Have To Watch Five Hours Of Friends Episodes To Calm Down And Wow Was That A Bizarre Show Or What?

…AKA this really happened and some of these are things I actually wore.

Aakasha wide leg jumpsuit // Sweatyrocks kimono (thanks for the tip, Elle!) // Hopeless lingerie bralette and knickers // FLY London wedge sandal // Valley Eyewear Genius Child sunnies // Bloodmilk bookstore cat ritual beads // Sixteen92 Shadow Show perfume // Baba Studio shoulder bag // Rituel de Fille Ash and Ember Eye Soot // Unearthen Pearl Limarens Ring 

Featured image photographed by Zoltan Tombor for Kinfolk Magazine Summer 2017


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