Adipocere at Stitch Fetish 7

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When it comes to working with needle, thread, and linen (or needle, thread, and flesh), Melbourne-based artist Adipocere works a singular sort of magic. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to learn that they whisper incantations over their stitches as they conjure dreamlike images of delicate figures interacting with creatures, plants, and flowers, each of whom could be psychopomps, guardians, aspects of the figures themselves, or kindred companions.

Then again, perhaps they’re simply binge-watching [insert-series-here] on Netflix as they work. Perhaps they’re listening to music or podcasts on their phone, working between loads at the laundromat. Perhaps they miraculously sew in the dark! No matter what their process, we here at Haute Macabre are forever coveting Adipocere’s every exquisite creation. (And I’m currently sulking over having missed out on the opportunity to purchase Arachne, pictured above.) So we’re delighted to share these seven new pieces of embroidery on linen, which will be a featured part of the “Stitch Fetish 7” group exhibition at The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles, February 9th through March 3rd, 2019.

For those looking to keep their finger on the pulse of Adipocere’s non-stitched creations, they just launched a separate IG account for their clothing, pins, and patches: @adipocerebrand, all of which will be sold through their web shop.

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