Skull-n-Bones on the Shelves at Folklore Salon!

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When getting one’s hair did at Folklore Salon, it’s impossible not to check out the wonderful potions and products purveyor, master hair artist and salon owner, Pony-Lee decides to display as a gentle recommendation for how  you might add quality to your life. The shelves change seasonably, with the whim of Pony-Lee, and therefore, it must be inspected often, because you just might just miss something! 

The Autumnal Equinox shall occur on September 26th, and over the summer, (if you were having summer fun) your skin has also taken a bit of a beating from our closest star, the sunscreen that protects us from the closest star, insect repellent, sand, wind and other stuff that can leave your skin feeling drab and dullsville.

Autumn is time for MOISTURIZER because the air is going to continue to get more dry dry dry! Thus, just in time for Gothtober and all the spiders, newt claws and deep-fried kitten hearts of the season is Bare Bones Moisturizer made by “a Girl in Her Kitchen” and there’s nothing in this stuff that is artificial or funky. The inventor was getting bummed out from skin allergies, and decided to make her own line of products that are vegan, 100% animal cruelty free and super-duper great for your epidermis! I spied this stuff on the shelves because of the skull and crossbones (always on alert for anything even remotely Halloweenish) on the jars. Nice gift for someone who loves spooky skincare, or nice gift for you, because your skull will thank you.

So if you want to do something really nice for your head, walk, bike or drive it over to Folklore and arrange an appointment! Pony-Lee, Sparrow Fox and Maddin will coif your noggin into a great-feeling, great-looking do, and you’ll walk through the streets proud and sassy. I’m speaking from experience, by the way…


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Gothtober Candy Review • M&Ms Pumpkin Spice

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mms-pumpkin-spice-candies Gonna admit something: Pumpkin-flavored things usually make me want to skip in the opposite direction. It’s not because pumpkin isn’t awesome, it’s because all those cheap imitations of pumpkin flavor are usually so disappointing in a myriad of ways!

Pumpkin “flavor” tends to be cloying and overpowering, unlike the personality of most pumpkins. It’s either pumpkin FEVER where you can’t taste anything else, or it’s dusty pumpkin or it’s non-starter pumpkin, where you’re not sure what it is… but it isn’t pumpkin.

Thus, when I brought the product to CraftNight and spilled its contents into a bowl, I was ready for the outrage. But funnily enough, there was no outrage, but there were raised eyebrows. Here are some of the reactions I got:

  • Layers of flavors!
  • I feel like I’ve arrived at Fall!
  • Not bad.
  • Can I have a few more? Mmmmm!

If you’re looking for “pumpkin in your face” you’re not going to find it here. It’s like they somehow knew that last year’s white chocolate candy corn M&Ms were too far into the stratosphere to really be understood. Somehow we have a candy that shows restraint. When you try it, there are multiple avenues for your mind to visit as they melt in your mouth. There’s pumpkin… but there’s also cinnamon, obscure hints of other spices, and mostly chocolate. And I think it’s a good idea that they are chocolate, and that M&Ms stayed away from the white chocolate for this one. Not every new flavor has to make you do a backflip and a fist pump, some flavors can just be mellow and complex. In the world of artificial flavors, it seems like they never know when to ease up on the throttle, and this time somebody decided to mellow out.

Anyone who grew up eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos will not understand or be able to comprehend the subtleties of Pumpkin Spice M&Ms. They will think that Pumpkin Spice M&Ms are a penultimate experience, because their taste buds are dead. They will shrug their shoulders and walk away. They will feel like the illustration of the bewildered pumpkin M&M on the bag.

People are all up in arms arguing that these things taste more like red hots than pumpkins… and as a person who dislikes red hots pretty vehemently, they don’t taste like red hots. But they don’t overwhelm you with orange squash flavor either. There are three colors in the bag: Dark Brown, Orange and Dark Green, a hilariously awful set of colors, it’s like they’re trying to convince children to stay away from them. Even sports teams don’t go near this trio of colors! I’m sure that ©Mars had 19,000 focus groups before they developed these, I’m thinking it’s a small miracle this product ended up on the shelves.

This pumpkin idea is trying to get distinguished, it wants to be respected and well-received. It’s reaching out to people who like potpourri and crisp air and scented candles. It’s for square metal candy bowls in offices,  and houses with a lot of square footage and reflective surfaces. Kids will think they are boring. Eating these and liking them might mean you are over 30. It might even mean that you are retired.  If you have just ONE, and wait for it to melt in your mouth for 10 seconds, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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Demons are the Reason for the Season

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Gothtober Has Ordered its Trick or Treat for Unicef Boxes!

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Okay! Gothtober applications are over, Gothtober artists have been chosen (to be revealed to the public soon enough) and while the Gothtober artists toil away, we prepare for another tradition: Trick or Treat for Unicef! My Grandma Bautista would take part in raising money for the United Nations Childrens Fund, and as a kid, I thought that was really cool. I liked being a kid who could help other kids around the world. Here is an awesome PSA from Elizabeth Montgomery (of Bewitched) from 1969, asking you to Trick or Treat for Unicef, but the address on it isn’t correct, so don’t use that if you want more info, go here instead.



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Gothtober Applications DUE AT MIDNIGHT!

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Halloween 35th Anniversary Blu-Ray-Hey-Hey

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It’s the 35th Anniversary of John Carpenter’s Halloween which means it’s time for a special edition Blu-ray release! Featuring commentary by Carpenter himself, take a trip down memory lane to watch one of the great prodigious horror films of the century. Halloween was selected intomichael_myers the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress, as being “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant.This brand new shiny HD presentation’s transfer was supervised by the original cinematographer. This means you’ll be able to see every pore in Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis’s) face as she freaks out while many other sexually promiscuous substance-abusing teens meet their untimely demise in blood-curdling High Definition!
Bonus features on Halloween 35th Anniversary Blu-ray include:

  • All-new commentary track with writer/director John Carpenter and star Jamie Lee Curtis;
  • “The Night She Came Home” new featurette with Jamie Lee Curtis (HD);
  • On Location;
  • Trailers;
  • TV & Radio Spots;
  • Additional Scenes from TV Version

It’ll be released by Amazon on September 24th, 2013

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Griffith Park’s Haunted Hayride is Ba-a-a-a-ack… (shiver)

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Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 2.02.36 PM

Oh god.

It’s back, it’s really back, and it’s promising to be more skin-crawling than ever. Take the quintessential charm of a hayride and then freak it the hell out with zombies that hang onto the cart and hiss in your ear and attempt to attack you and you have got an A for effort, my friend.

Even if you are the most stalwart “nothing scares me ever” kind of person, and you ride the whole thing with your arms crossed, looking for every rubber mask and thread of string, you must admit: they go all out.

The Old Zoo and B Rock (the hike to B rock is no small potatoes) have been deemed the most paranormally active locations in all of California, and Griffith Park being so big, has been host to quite a few episodes of torture and murder. This year’s show will be based on real events (ack ack ack) so prepare for some wandering souls that are going to want to climb on your hay cart.

‘Nuff said.

Tickets go on Sale Soon, meantime, visit the site! 

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The Great Gothtober 2013 Call for Artists!

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Dear Vicious Vile Vampiric Virtuosos,

The sluice gates have opened, and the Official Gothtober Call for Artists begins RIGHT NOW. 

  • APPLICATIONS ARE DUE AUGUST 9th, 2013 >>>> Apply HERE 
  • Participants will be notified of admission on August 12th
  • Upon acceptance, a $25 registration fee is required.
  • Theme: Airport (Gothtober Airlines)
  • Get explanations for just about all of this by visiting the (newly revised!) Gothtober FAQ

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to share that super secret pumpkin bread recipe after all. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to wear a giant papiér maché head and sit in a tree? Your dog talks to you in a calming and reassuring voice, and you finally captured it on camera? We want to know more! Don’t be shy, don’t sit on those laurels, shove those laurels to the side! Apply for Gothtober and welcome the fire under your ass that we will surely stoke with each creative gory deadline!

This is an opportunity to roust your creative spirit and shake out the mulligrubs. Break out the popsicle sticks, the bubblegum and the fake blood! Get busy with something you want to share for all the world to see. If you don’t think of yourself as an “artist” well, we don’t care. Because you’re not an “artist” you’re an ARTIST and Gothtober is here to prove it. We don’t care if you’re Little Sally Nobody or the Dalai Lama, you both probably have really interesting things to say.

Seriously. Apply for the hell of it, what could possibly go wrong?

Crunchy lost souls with butter and slug slime,

JP Head Candycorn



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Scare LA: Coming to YOU August 10th-11th, 2013

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Right smack dab in the middle of Downtown LA will be something you don’t want to miss in early August, a grand display of all things terribly wrong (which means it’s terribly right in Gothtober terms) in the name of jack o’ lanterns, vampire teeth, zombies and more! It’s the very first Los Angeles convention dedicated to Halloween! It’s SCARE LA!!! 

Rub shoulders with some of the titans of spooky special effects, learn how to turn your house into an awe-inspiring domain of intrigue and terror, a haunt of no return! You could talk to Garner Holt, who has built thousands of figures for all of Southern California’s major theme parks as well as casinos, museums, restaurants and retail stores around the world. This guy got started in animatronics from building his own backyard haunted house years ago, and now he wants to share his knowledge! This is just the tip of the coffin, there is so much more buried under the surface, go see!

Here is the FULL SCHEDULE of classes and workshops at Scare LA, from how to carve tombstones to costume aging and distressing techniques. Learn how to make custom music for haunted attractions, attend a workshop on haunted maze design, see how to do casting and molding, make zombie prosthetics. There are even “Green Halloween” and “Upcycling your Halloween” workshops!

Exhibitors will be showcasing their freaky stuff, there will be haunt experiences, roaming monsters, and a screening room with some great stuff on it from local horror filmmakers and premiere attraction previews!

GET TICKETS! One-day tickets are $25 and $45, and weekend passes are $45 and $75. The higher, “Fear Freak” prices provide preferred seating and access to classes and workshops. The venue is at 1933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles. (aka LA Mart, a 724,000-square-foot home design center with plenty of showroom space)


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Ask a Mortician- Episode 13

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