Kimberly Kim DAY 21

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Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.21.42 PM

Today’s beautiful short film DAY 21 on Gothtober haunts and hypnotizes your senses and reels you in to have a moment with the elusive gravity of existence. Kimberly Kim is a Los Angeles-based ornamental sound etcher who searches for sounds to sketch on trees. You may be more familiar knowing her as the silent  smiling bar maiden pouring delicious devil horn poisons and mixing tasty double vision snake oil elixirs at Akbar.

This is her Gothtober debut. Shifting footage, colors, animation, movement comes together to form a visual incantation accompanied by a temporal, resonant melody.

Do you hear a ballad? Do you see water? Whose face is that anyway? My eyeballs are fascinated! 

Peer into this piece, investigate, watch, and investigate further. Decipher what you will, the limitless availability of it gives you all you need and then some. There are a million and one ways to make a film, here is another, we are thrilled to present it.

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The Stig! DAY 20

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Visit Gothtober Day 20 and see something really pawsome!

In the paw prints of Rin Tin Tin, Benji, The Taco Bell Chihuahua, Lassie, Boomer, and Spuds McKenzie, the answer to the top of the 21st century pantheon of dog heroes goes to THE STIG!!! The Stig is a basset hound who is terribly, devastatingly, photogenic.

The Stig wears costumes, poses for the camera, and has become quite the Hollywood personality about town.

Today he’s starring in a custom-made haunted slideshow just for you, a set of stills from his monster movie days.

You can follow The Stig on Instagram, he’s especially scary today in “The Stiging” so set your phasers to “follow” and witness the escapades of one very adventurous dog!

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Tunes-n-Toots for DAY 19 with Vanessa Jo Harris

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Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 3.38.48 AM

The pleasing vocal pipes and inky drawing pen of Vanessa Jo Harris is responsible for Gothtober DAY 19’s dreamy, d00-wop treasure of a song… accompanied by a raspberry of a wacky comic! We think that if you like legumes, harmony, romance and ghosts, this is definitely the day for you.

It’s Vanessa’s first Gothtober, and it’s because I just couldn’t shut up and asked her if she wanted to be a  part of it and she said “Sure!” Did I have any idea of what she was capable of? Certainly not! But is this EXACTLY WHY Gothtober is lots of fun for a Candy Corn like me? YES! Gothtober is a kick in the pants for anyone who is creative, or anyone who is thinking about doing something creative. We are here to be a catalyst for those who want fire for their marshmallows.

In the spirit of making something, Ms. Harris just decided right then and there that she’d give Gothtober a whirl, and now look at us! 

For those of you who are not sure how to goad music and fart cartoons out of people, here is the answer: Ask, and ask nicely.



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DIY Mobile of Madness • Nockels DAY 18

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arachneNormally, to come in contact with the characters featured for Gothtober DAY 18, you’d have to do stuff like drown in some water, go climbing up snowy precipices, join a cult, or go wandering alone through vampiric-laden parts of Thailand. But Christine Nockels made it really easy for you, you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. They’re all right here for you to download, color, cut and assemble into a mishmash of terrifying creatures who have probably never met each other until now!

One of these creatures is a mythical amphibious monster inhabiting inland waterways. Still another is a nocturnal female spirit of Southeast Asian folklore.

There are no less than EIGHT wonderfully drawn incarnations of beautifully creepy and odd beings in the collection.

If you are wondering “How can I make a mobile, I don’t understand!” It just so happens we’ve got just what you need right here on the good ol’ internet! Follow these instructions and you should have a pretty lovely terrifying mobile at the end of your efforts.

Carl C. Jung was one of the first psychologists to realize how beneficial coloring is for the human mind. Coloring is like a type of meditation, forcing you to hone your attention down to the task of filling in selected spaces with color, taking your mind off of lots of other things, including stressful things. We’re glad Christine chose a series of horrible legendary bloodthirsty beings for you to color, otherwise you might get TOO relaxed this Halloween, and we wouldn’t want that.


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Coloring Pages for Big People • DAY 17

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coloring_for_growniesEveryone knows that there’s Milan SS Ready to Wear… and then there’s coloring pages for grown-ups. I think you know which one you can’t live without, so please, don’t delay, and download Coloring Pages for Gothtober Day 17!!!

From the pointed pens and pencils of the talented Stephanie Abler arrives some relaxing images that you can download, print, and color to your heart’s content. The subject matter is really choice, make sure to investigate, you will be rewarded with artistic riches!

Coloring is really therapeutic. If you color, you avoid stressful situations like throwing a frozen ham out the window. Seriously, to have your brain slow down and focus on the task at hand, picking out colors, filling in segments, it’s very gratifying, and very calming. It’s good for your motor skills, it’s good for your eyeballs, you can color neat or messy, you can color inside the lines or make new lines and color outside of those, your individuality can shine.

Stephanie also encourages you to share how you decide to color the pages, so we hope you will!

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Ethereal Day 16 from Movingarden

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What do you see when you see DAY 16’s “Green” by Movingarden? 

Today’s beautiful short film is an introspective one, inviting you to get dizzy with the trees, and perhaps even dizzier with other aspects of day and night, it’s lights and shadows.

Is it mystical disciplines or contemporary physics that you are drawn to when your eyeballs are given a taste of the experimental, the notional? 

Functioning on its own terms, this piece provides kinesthetic impact, a poetic dreamlike textures and fragments that steer far far away from what is being sold in the big box store aisles. It is indeed a fine emerald treasure, enjoy.

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Thirteen on Day 15!

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It’s mildly terrifying!!! RUNN!!!!!!!

Never to shy away from a good and scary freak-out, Lori Meeker brings us one of the most terrifyingly mild pieces to hit Gothtober yet. Visit Day 15, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Within the parameters of the Gothtober framework comes a series of images that are sort of kind of disturbing in a mellow sort of way.

Watch this piece, and you may begin to feel the edges of your sanity begin to stay pretty much the same, but make you feel… like… 2% uneasy or something.

You might finally begin to comprehend the vaguely unsettling feeling people talk about on the news when they’ve just come from a placidly terrifying experience. You may experience no trouble sleeping, not all that much difficulty concentrating, you might think you’re hearing or seeing things, but not in a way that would make you lose your mind, just in a way that’s sort of weird or irksome. And it’s funny, did I mention that? Go see!


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The Mystery of DAY 14

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glassy_eyes_violin watson
It’s elementary that eventually, with enough sleuthing, you’d arrive at DAY 14 on Gothtober.
Watch as Sherlock Holmes uses his brilliant deductions to solve the mystery of Friday the 13th! A very special royal figure makes an appearance in this wonderfully narrated gripping family film!
Rumor has it that the Gailiunas, Aaron, Williams, and Waller families were involved in this funky riddle, but we were unable to recognize any of them, maybe they were on the film crew. Huh.

You do know what Sherlock Holmes uses when he wants to make cookies, right?

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Euro Monster Smash from Frankfurt, Germany for DAY 13

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Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.29.21 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.27.51 AM

Hold onto your eyeballs, it’s DAY 13 with the Chambers!

Not all that far from Stuttgart is Frankfurt, but wow is Frankfurt far from Gothtober Headquarters in Los Angeles! We’re so excited to offer MORE work from distant lands, a Gothtober family in Germany! We love the internet because it lets art travel here from outer space! Bridging the gap from bratwurst to hot dogs is the miracle of online perseverance, a true international collaboration, we couldn’t be prouder of our International participants!!!

Here is where the Chambers family is sending their art from, it’s out there! Someday we hope to visit!

There are many monsters from mythology you do not want to meet, but we must insist that you meet these. Thought up by the young Nigel and then brought to life with his parents, Christy and Brian, here we have quite a gruesome gallery of beautifully illustrated creatures thoughtfully caged behind your computer screen so that you don’t have to worry about safety. It’s a mixed media treasure trove of droll entertainment.

The Chambers are like the Frankensteins, but instead of using human remains and lightening, they’ve paper puppets and stop motion magic to breathe life into thirteen creations. It’s alive… IT’S ALIVE!!!! 

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Drankin’ with Del Norte Presents! DAY 12

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Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.30.05 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.31.06 PM

Are you feelin’ lucky, my friend? Are you ready to rumble? Are you a Gothtober party animal? How many rounds can you go? Well it’s Gothtober DAY 12 so let’s just count out the shots and see where the night takes us.

Your horse is headless, your witch is brewed, you are three… four… thirteen ghost sheets to the wind! That is, if you take a romp to the cave of spirits with Del Norte Presents!

They are here, they are back, they are pouring themselves and you some cocktails for the witching hour. It’s always been well known that if you imbibe enough beverages, you will either meet or become something other than is expected. You could meet a blue fairy, you could become Elvis, you could wander into a night scape of incomprehensible zombie sing-a-longs! BRAIIINNNNZZZZZZ!!!!

We suspect that this might be the MOST fun anyone’s ever had making a Gothtober piece, at least, where revelry is concerned. Watch it, but also watch out, it seems a little haunted, did you see that bartender? I didn’t! It’s a joyous celebration, possibly a wee woozy outcome. It’s nothing a little alka-seltzer, low lighting, aspirin and an ice pack on the head can’t solve in the morning.

Also: Something kind of spooky… the day before on Gothtober, is Dianne Chadwick’s 13 creepy cocktail recipes for Day 11, and then for Day 12 we have these fearless carousers from Del Norte Presents getting absolutely soused with spirits! These Gothtober artists, to my mind, have never met. They just came up with these shenanigans and it was put together so serendipitously to make a Double Whammy hootch-a-rama on the Gothtober calendar this year, a one two (spiked) punch!

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